The Biggest Real-Life Implementation of a Bluetooth Mesh Lighting Network - Implementation, Results, Lessons Learned
Date & Time
Wednesday, February 12, 2020, 4:15 PM - 4:45 PM
Rafal Han
In March this year, the wireless lighting control technology from Silvair enabled a rapid lighting retrofit at the 21,500 ft2 Brussels office of Macq Mobility Management Solutions. It resulted in deployment of a 360-node wireless lighting control network, the biggest office implementation of a qualified Bluetooth mesh lighting system to date. It employs a full range of advanced lighting control strategies - occupancy sensing, daylight harvesting, and scheduling. In addition, it monitors each luminaire’s energy consumption, allowing the efficiency of the introduced strategies to be assessed and optimized over time. As part of my lecture, I want to provide detailed information about the Brussels project - from its design and implementation to results observed and lessons learned. We will discuss how wireless lighting controls can drive energy efficiencies across commercial spaces.
Learning objectives:
1. Participants will learn about the practical implementation of the Bluetooth mesh lighting
control technology. I will explain how the system was deployed and what components
were used.
2. Attendees will learn about the commissioning process carried out at the Brussels office -
how long it took and what control strategies were implemented.
3. I will present actual energy consumption data from the Macq headquarters, discussing
how the deployed solution increased the overall lighting efficiency.