Full Name
Paul Rudy
Job Title
SVP BD, CMO, Co-Founder
SLD Laser
Speaker Bio
Dr. Paul Rudy is a Co-Founder, CMO, and SVP of Business Development at SLD Laser, a leader in the commercialization of GaN based laser light sources. Paul has worked in the field of photonics for more than 20 years, and has extensive experience in photonics general management, technical product marketing, business development, and product management. Prior to SLD, Paul worked as Director of Marketing at Coherent, the world's largest commercial laser manufacturer, specifically working to commercialize laser devices based on gallium arsenide. Dr. Rudy received his doctoral degree in physics from the University of Rochester, MBA from USC, and undergraduate physics B.S. from Duke University. He has over 50 patents and has authored more than 40 technical marketing papers and conference talks.
Paul Rudy