The Sapphire Awards relies on independent judges chosen from industry and consultancy roles to ensure that all entries are fairly evaluated by multiple experts. The judges assigned to evaluate any given product category or Illumineer of the Year entry are screened to ensure that there is no possible conflict of interest in the process. LEDs Magazine staff plays a supporting role in the judging of the submitted products and Illumineer of the Year nominations.



Jim Benya

Benya Burnett Consultancy



Deborah Burnett

Benya Burnett Consultancy



Carl Bloomfield




Chris Brown

Nextgen Lighting



Daryl DeJean

Emerging Technologies Associates



Rachel Gibney

Available Light



Monica Hansen

LED Lighting Advisors



Eric Haugaard




Dawn Hollingsworth

Darkhorse Lightworks



Duncan Jackson

Billings Jackson Design



Brad Koerner

Philips Lighting



Clifton Lemon

Clifton Lemon Associates



Dave Neal

Seoul Semiconductor



Steve Paolini




Kris Sandheinrich

KGM Lighting



Willem Sillevis-Smitt




Milena Simeonova





Aaron Smith




Robert Steele

Strategies in Light



Maury Wright

LEDs Magazine