Color Shift Behavior in LED Package Platforms
Date & Time
Wednesday, February 12, 2020, 10:30 AM - 11:00 AM
Monica Hansen
The continued improvement in LED luminous efficacy has led to devices being driven harder to provide higher luminance, but this leads to more heat in the LED package which has negative impacts on color point stability and lumen maintenance. As the use of chip-on-board (COB) and chip-scale-package (CSP) LEDs continue to grow in lighting, a better understanding of factors impacting color shift behavior and performance will be explored. A systematic investigation of color shift behavior was conducted using LM80 data from major LED manufacturers to assess the impact of material choices in phosphors, encapsulants, and molding resins used in the LEDs. This presentation will focus the value proposition for providing acceptable color stability for COB and CSP LED package platforms and compare them to the behavior seen in high-power and mid-power LED packages. Guidance will also be given on approaches to achieve acceptable color point stability in lamp and luminaire products.