Workshop 2: 3D Printing of Lighting: Designing, Selecting, and Evaluating Components, Print Processes, and Materials
Date & Time
Tuesday, August 24, 2021, 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Nadarajah Narendran

In the highly competitive LED lighting market, manufacturers are seeking better and more cost-effective methods for producing custom lighting fixtures and components. Additive manufacturing (AM) technology, also called 3D printing, is fast approaching a state where it can be used to produce effective thermal, mechanical, and optical parts for lighting.

In this half-day workshop, moderator Nadarajah Narendran will lead a discussion with five presenters from the 3D printing and lighting fields who will discuss the status of 3D printing for lighting, specifically:

1) The types of print processes and materials available in the commercial market for 3D printing, and which of these technologies are best leveraged for the printing of lighting fixture components.

2) How to select and design lighting components for 3D printing, including how cost plays into selection and the possibility for consolidating parts.

3) Performance evaluations of 3D-printed thermal, optical, and mechanical lighting components, including comparisons to traditionally manufactured components.

4) Future research and development activities needed to advance 3D printing technology for lighting, and research collaboration opportunities for lighting and 3D printing manufacturers.