2020 Workshops

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Workshop 1: LED Optical Design: How to Start and Where to Go-15 Years in 4 Hours

8:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

The basic principles of LED optics are straightforward but the application of this art mixed with science take years to master.  You will hear from a veteran, practical designer showing worked out examples from sketch to full production.  Audience participation will be encouraged as each product example is analyzed from a product marketing perspective leading to relevant optical requirements.  While the focus will be LED optics, aspects of thermal engineering, mechanics and electronics will be interwoven providing a systems view with the main goal being light control and quality.  Several software tools will be showcased but any main line program may be used to develop cost optimized LED light control optics.  All are welcome and will benefit from this half day seminar.  The open forum format will encourage questions and debate with the only goal to learn together how to make great LED lighting products.


Bob Householder, Strategic Account Manager, Zemax

Workshop 2: LED Lighting Standards and Methods of Measurement

8:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

This workshop contains two sections. The first section is the overview and the update for the latest standards for LED and LED lighting from industry and the U.S. governments. In particular, the recent work being carried at ANSI/NEMA, IES, UL, ASABE, U.S. EPA, DLC, etc. for LED lighting applications. The second section introduces the standardized methods of measurements for LED packages and LED lighting products. It provides detailed explanations for the objectives, procedures, and rationale for measuring, testing and projecting the long-term behaviors of the LEDs and LED lighting products' characteristics including photometry, radiometry, colorimetry, spectrum, luminous flux and color maintenance, thermal resistance, failure rate, etc. This workshop has been widely attended by interested parties from manufacturers, lighting design and specification communities, energy management programs, and other lighting practitioners.


Jianzhong Jiao, Consultant, JZJ Consulting, Inc.

Cameron Miller, Photometry Project Leader, NIST

Workshop 3: What to Build and When to Build it.  Scenario Planning and Decision Support Workshop for Lighting and Technology Companies

8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Lighting and technology companies today face complex challenges in planning products and systems including: 1) the intrusion  of IT and big data into many industries, especially lighting; 2) rapid change in technology following a period of many decades of relative stasis in lighting; 3) incomplete understanding of rates of adoption and replacement; 4) a business culture that assumes “disruption” and blitzscaling that work for IT and consumer electronics also work for lighting; and 5) lack of perspectives on and tools for envisioning and managing the future of lighting, controls, and building technology.

This daylong workshop combines insights and tools from diverse sources: scenario planning; advanced midrange crowd-sourced forecasting; and behavioral economics. Workshop registrants will receive a pre-workshop primer with preparatory material, including macro scenarios that the speaker team has developed. The workshop begins with presentations from the panel that provide relevant ideas, case studies, and examples of improved decision making and successful strategy in different companies. Then teams are formed, each is given a specific hypothetical product roadmap with one or more critical decisions and challenged to think it through, creating 3-4 different scenarios that are used to test assumptions, test ideas, and set metrics for success. Each team then presents its scenarios to the speaker panel, who pose as investors interested in funding the project and offer comments and feedback.

The workshop is designed for product managers, engineers, designers, sales and marketing professionals, specifiers, technical advisors, and C level company officers, consultants, and investors in lighting and electronics manufacturing companies who need strategic decision support tools to help manage technology development and integration, sales and marketing, operations, logistics, SKU proliferation, certifications, code compliance, and supply chain coordination.

Learning Objectives

1. Improve product roadmap decisions in assessing and implementing new technologies, allocating development resources, investing, marketing, and product management

2. Use new perspectives on changes in adoption and replacement of components, systems, and infrastructure of communications, controls, lighting, and power distribution

3. Crowdsource collaborative networks with diverse views that test assumptions, key questions, roadmaps, and strengthen forecasting

4. Stimulate deep imagination and visualization by understanding, then moving beyond the limits of the past to actively creating the future


Clifton Stanley Lemon, CEO, Clifton Lemon Associates

Eoin Billings, Director, Billings Jackson

Jerry Mix, President, Finelite

Paul Pickard, Chief Technology Officer, Ecosense

David Wilts, Founder & CEO, Digital Masterplanning

Scott Yu, Chief Creative Officer & Owner, Vode Lighting

Workshop 4: Patent Workshop

1:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.

The first half of the course will focus on obtaining patent rights. Using LED industry hypotheticals, you will learn how to maintain patent rights by being diligent. We will also discuss what research should be done prior to filing for a patent, and how to decide what kinds of things to patent and what things should not be patented. The second half of the course will focus on patent litigation with a particular emphasis on the LED industry. With the amount of litigation in the LED industry steadily rising, having a basic understanding of litigation is crucial for lighting companies both large and small. Topics to be covered will include: recent trends in patent litigation; patent holders in the LED industry embarking on litigation and licensing programs; and the mechanics of litigating patents in the US including what to do and expect when sued for infringement.


Marshall Honeyman, Partner & Shareholder, Erise IP

David Radulescu, Attorney at Law, Radulescu LLP