Out of the Valley of the Normal Into Uncharted Territory
Date & Time
Tuesday, August 24, 2021, 10:00 AM - 10:45 AM
Robert Steele Clifton Stanley Lemon

The past decade of turmoil in the lighting industry driven by the emergence and maturing of solid-state lighting technology has become the “Valley of the Normal,” – we expect constant chaos and disruption. Whether we’’ve adapted well to that is an open question. Now new factors are intensifying and exacerbating the turmoil even more, like the complex intermingling of currents at the confluence of two powerful rivers. The past year of course has given us Covid, supply chain disruptions, and dramatic political, social, and economic upheaval – on top of the relentless challenges of colliding, combining and rapidly shifting technologies. On the most fundamental level we face unprecedented environmental threats that simply cannot be met without significantly changing our global mindset and approaches – technology alone is not enough. So far the lighting industry has not quite understood its own important role in the emerging energy infrastructure transition and the true extent of the many opportunities available to those who can successfully adapt and evolve. A new era is here, and the stakes have been raised for everyone. 

In this talk, Bob Steele and Clifton Lemon will give a preview of the conference talks and panel sessions which have been carefully crafted to chart potential courses of the future of lighting and provide a detailed vision of different futures informed by the perspectives of the top thought leaders in the industries that create and maintain the built environment.

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