Key Findings from the 2020 DOE LED Manufacturing Supply Chain Report
Date & Time
Tuesday, August 24, 2021, 11:30 AM - 12:00 PM
Valerie Nubbe Kyung Lee

The U.S. DOE has published a new report that characterizes the global manufacturing supply chain for LEDs and LED lighting products. This report aims to characterize the globalized manufacturing supply chain of LEDs and LED lighting products and investigate the economic impacts of this supply chain on the United States by addressing five research questions:
1. How is the manufacturing process structured for typical solid-state lighting (SSL) general illumination products?
2. What is the value added for a typical LED luminaire manufactured in the United States versus internationally?
3. What proportion of LED products are manufactured and assembled in the United States and internationally?
4. What is the impact of an economic event (e.g., tariffs) on the SSL manufacturing process and to the final consumer?
5. What are the domestic opportunities for SSL manufacturing in the global lighting supply chain?
To investigate these questions, this analysis used international trade data and market reports, and inputs from interviews with LED die, package, and lamp/luminaire manufacturers, as well as other industry stakeholders. Major findings on the status of the global LED lighting supply chain are summarized in this presentation.

Total AIA CEU Credits: 1.5 (must attend all three Lighting Industry Dynamics sessions)


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