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Now is the time to make plans for next year. The majority of our exhibitors from 2019 re-booked on the spot for 2020. Limited booth space is still available. Be sure to contact our sales team today to discuss exhibition opportunities.
Call for Abstracts - Strategies in Light

Call for Abstracts

June 12, 2019

Strategies in Light is the ideal platform for sharing your case studies, insights and ideas. Don't delay - submit your paper by June 12, 2019 and don't miss out on being a part of the industry's most respected event for technical content.
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Save the Date!

We are making plans for the 2020 event --and so should you! Join us in San Diego for our 21st year as we return to California with the theme, "Bridging the Spectrum of Light."

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LEDs Magazine Sapphire Awards

It was another great year for the Sapphire Awards Gala. Check back for information about submitting entries starting July 2019!
The Sapphire Awards Gala will recognize state-of-the-art innovations in lighting and honor the best in the business.


Articles from LEDs Magazine

LEDs Magazine coverage and related contributed articles about past and upcoming Strategies in Light programs deliver detailed technology, market trend, and business views that put the entire spectrum of the solid-state lighting industry into perspective.
LEDs Magazine is part of the LED & Lighting Network, the world’s leading media resource focused on the LED and lighting industry, along with the Strategies in Light conference portfolio.
SIL keynote and Plenary speakers explore the past and future of LEDs and SSL (MAGAZINE)
With a backdrop of a 20th anniversary celebration, the featured speakers at Strategies in Light 2019 discussed the history of LEDs, gains the technology might make in the next two decades, how that translates to innovation in lighting design with SSL products, and market projections, reports Maury Wright.
Strategies’ panel explores 3-D printing in SSL product development (MAGAZINE)
The breadth of the program at Strategies in Light 2019 was truly amazing. You can get some idea of that range in the article covering featured speakers in this issue. Here, however, I want to discuss one particular panel that at first glance may have seemed on the fringe of the LED and solid-state lighting (SSL) sectors.
Oversupply again plagues LED market, but some SSL applications look up (MAGAZINE)
IP issues and new fab investments resulted in slight oversupply of LEDs in 2018, write Philip Smallwood and Martin Shih, but looking forward, Strategies Unlimited sees old and new SSL applications that could deliver growth opportunities for LEDs.
BREAKING: Sapphire Awards sheds light on winning innovations
Carrie Meadows reports the winning products in the fifth annual Sapphire Awards and the industry pioneer honored as Illumineer of the Year.
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