Top 5 Reasons to Sponsor Strategies in Light

Below are the top reasons vendors choose to sponsor at Strategies in Light. 93% of our exhibitors re-booked on site last year so we know that many of you know our top 5. If you already know that sponsorship is the right choice for your company contact our sales team. They can help you formulate a sponsorship package that helps you meet your goals.

1. Brand Visibility

2. Reach Your Audience

3. Leads, Leads, Leads

Brand Visibility

You’ve already made the decision to exhibit. A sponsorship package helps draw customers to your booth and keeps your brand top of mind at the show and beyond.

Target Audience

Strategies in Light reaches the right people in the lighting industry. Take advantage of us and reach YOUR target audience.

Leads at Strategies in Light

The number one reason people exhibit at Strategies in Light is to get new leads in the funnel. With thousands of attendees you will be sure to reach new prospects to nurture.

4. Launch Your Product

5. Network

Product Launch

Every year attendees at Strategies in Light look forward to seeing the newest products. Make sure that your product is at the show, ready to WOW potential customers.

Networking at Strategies in Light

All the industry leaders will be at the Strategies in Light in Santa Clara. Don’t just meet them. Be one of them.

Sponsorship Details
More than just a sponsorship
We offer a variety of sponsorship packages designed to meet your needs. Sponsorship comes at many levels, each with a variety of options. And while we organize them as Diamond, Ruby, Emerald and Opal, our most popular option is always custom. Contact our sales team so we can find the right fit for you.
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