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Take a deeper dive into specific industry hot topics by adding a specialized workskhop to your registration package. Offering 4-hour workshops in the morning and afternoon, these courses provide interactive, in-depth learning opportunities to enhance your knowledge and maximize your event experience. Workshops are included in the Total Access Pass registration but can be added to other registration types.

2019 4-HOUR WORKSHOPS: 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM

WORKSHOP 1: LED Lighting Standards & Methods of Measurements

This workshop contains two sections. The first section is the overview and the update for the latest standards for LED and LED lighting from industry and the U.S. governments. In particular, the recent work being carried at ANSI/NEMA, IES, UL, ASABE, U.S. EPA, etc. for LED lighting applications. The second section introduces the standardized methods of measurements for LED packages and LED lighting products. It provides detailed explanations for the objectives, procedures, and rationale for measuring, testing and projecting the long-term behaviors of the LEDs and LED lighting products’ characteristics including photometry, colorimetry, luminous flux and color maintenance, thermal resistance, failure rate, etc.

This workshop has been widely attended by interested parties from manufacturers, lighting design and specification communities, energy management programs, and other lighting practitioners.

Jianzhong Jiao, JZJ Consulting, Inc.,
Dr. Jianzhong Jiao is an internationally recognized expert in the areas of LEDs and lighting technology development, products design, testing, standards, compliances, business strategies, civil and intellectual property litigations, and technology investments. He is the Past Chair of the SAE Lighting Committee, Past Chair of ASABE Horticultural Lighting Committee, and he is an active member of the committees in IES, ANSI, UL, CIE, and IEEE

Cameron Miller, Photometry Project Leader, NIST
Cameron is active in standards organization and professional societies, such as IES – Testing Procedure Committee (SSL Committee Chairman), CIE (USA Div 2 voting), CIEUSA (Technical VP), ANSI/ISO TAG (Vice Chairman), ASTM, ISCC, NEMA, and CORM. He is also an NVLAP assessor for the Energy Efficient Lighting Program and the Calibration Program.


WORKSHOP 2: Practical LED Optical Design: How to Start and Where to Go -- 15 Years in 4 Hours

The basic principles of LED optics are straightforward but the application of this art mixed with science take years to master.  You will hear from a veteran, practical designer showing worked out examples from sketch to full production.  Audience participation will be encouraged as each product example is analyzed from a product marketing perspective leading to relevant optical requirements.  While the focus will be LED optics, aspects of thermal engineering, mechanics and electronics will be interwoven providing a systems view with the main goal being light control and quality.  Several software tools will be showcased but any main line program may be used to develop cost optimized LED light control optics.  All are welcome and will benefit from this half day seminar.  The open forum format will encourage questions and debate with the only goal to learn together how to make great LED lighting products.  

Bob Householder, Vice President, Business and Technology Development Access Optics
Mr. Bob Householder has 20+ years of experience in the field of optics and holds degrees in optics from Rochester Institute of Technology and Tuft's University. He has concentrated his career in laser and medical optics and LED illumination.

2019 4-HOUR WORKSHOPS: 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM

WORKSHOP 3: Obtaining and Litigating Patents in the LED Industry

The first half of the course will focus on obtaining patent rights.  Using LED industry hypotheticals, you will learn how to maintain patent rights by being diligent.  We will also discuss what research should be done prior to filing for a patent, and how to decide what kinds of things to patent and what things should not be patented.  

The second half of the course will focus on patent litigation with a particular emphasis on the LED industry.  With the amount of litigation in the LED industry steadily rising, having a basic understanding of litigation is crucial for lighting companies both large and small.  Topics to be covered will include: recent trends in patent litigation; patent holders in the LED industry embarking on litigation and licensing programs; and the mechanics of litigating patents in the US including what to do and expect when sued for infringement.

David Radulescu PhD, Attorney at Law, Radulescu LLP
David Radulescu is a patent litigator with a Ph.D. in electrical engineering. He is a Partner in Radulescu LLP, a patent litigation boutique firm based in NYC. Dr. Radulescu has received numerous industry accolades for his success in “mission-critical, multi-patent and multi-jurisdictional lawsuits”; “has the distinction of being the top expert on cases concerning LEDs”; and “has a passion for technology which, alongside his finely-honed trial skills, helps him carry the day in high-stakes infringement tussles.”

Mr. Marshall Honeyman, Partner and Shareholder, Erise IP, P.A.
Marshall Honeyman is a patent attorney representing numerous clients in the lighting field. He is a partner at Erise IP, but prior to entering private practice, he worked in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), initially as an Examiner making patentability decisions regarding inventions relating to illumination technologies.

WORKSHOP 4: Understanding the Fundamentals of Light Measurement

If you’re working with light of any type, UV-VIS-NIR, joining this workshop will help you navigate the language of light measurement. Topics covered include nomenclature and measurement methods for luminous power, luminous intensity, luminance, illuminance, and color. Radiometric values of radiant power, intensity, radiance, and irradiance. Spectral measurements vs. broadband and filtered sensors. How to convert between parameters, why, and why you shouldn’t. We’ll also cover where these measurement practices are applied including energy efficiency, light (spatial) distribution, area lighting, flicker, LED and laser characterization, sensor calibration with light, display and extended source measurements, and eye safety.

Join us for this hands-on workshop. With the knowledge gained, delegates will be equipped to specify products correctly, measure product accurately, understand light measurements and communicate effectively both with suppliers and customers. Overall, you gain a competitive advantage in your job and for your company.

Greg McKee, Chief Technologist and Product Marketing Manager, Labsphere
Greg has served as an Executive Officer for CORM and is active in IES Testing Procedures Committee, and past Chair for Photometry of Light Sources Subcommittee.

Paul Higham, Business Manager, Wave Illumination
Paul has carried out several projects within the Halma group before joining Ocean Optics to run its first internal venture: Wave Illumination

2019 INVESTOR FORUM: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

The Investor Forum aims to address some of the principal questions being asked by investors looking for opportunities in the lighting industry. Speakers will be drawn from both publicly-traded companies and private firms that anticipate having public offerings within the next few years. Companies that are successfully navigating the adoption of LED lighting products in North American and international markets will share their expertise and insight.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: The Investor Forum is specifically designed for current and potential investors, as well as other interested parties in the lighting community, including those seeking M&A opportunities. The Forum will provide valuable financial and market information and excellent networking opportunities.


Ella Shum – Filamento

Robert Nordsell – Lumenari

Francisco Palop – LLT

Brian Bennett – Thrive Agritech

Steve L'Heureux – Igor

Rafal Han – Silvair

Eric Miller – Avi-on Labs

David DeJoy – OLEDWorks

Giana Phelan – OLEDWorks

Paul Savage – Nextek

Vincent Alonzi – MaxLite