Sapphire Awards Design Excellence Awards

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Strategies in Light is pleased to announce our collaboration with the Lighting Controls Association (LCA), a council of the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA), for the 2021 Sapphire Awards. Through this collaboration, the Sapphire Awards has announced the addition of Design Excellence Awards, sponsored by the Lighting Controls Association. These awards will recognize excellence in design projects that demonstrate an innovative use of lighting controls, smart lighting technology, connectivity, and/or Internet of Things technologies.  Winning projects will be published in LEDs, EC&M, ELECTRICAL WHOLESALING, and the Lighting Controls Association’s website at


Networked lighting controls can reduce lighting energy consumption by as much as 50% while providing significant other value via flexibility and data, and this award will recognize innovative applications of these solutions to achieve energy as well as non-energy benefits.

Tunable lighting can deliver benefits ranging from ambiance to lighting for health and wellbeing benefits and this award will recognize excellence in deployment of the latest tunable technologies that have delivered clearly identifiable benefits to occupants of a space.

Smart buildings are a clear goal for society moving forward involving integration of what have been disparate systems, and this award will recognize project design and deployment excellence in integrating such systems and taking advantage of that integration.

Smart City applications span the range from lighting control to traffic monitoring to security and require interoperability of vastly different technologies, and this award will recognize the successful deployment of Smart City projects that deliver meaningful ROI to municipalities.

Global society faces a significant challenge in how to feed a growing population with disappearing arable land and this award will recognize the design and construction of greenhouse and indoor farms that utilize the latest in connected lighting and autonomous technologies including artificial intelligence.