The Sapphire Awards judging panel reserves the right to move any entries into a category that is deemed appropriate or more fitting based on the description of the product and any materials that support the submission. Categories may be modified at the discretion of the Sapphire Awards advisors and judges after the close of submissions.


Luminaires designed to meet regulatory policy on emergency lighting and technologies such as connectivity and battery-backup implementations that enable people to exit a facility in the case of any power loss.

Packaged LEDs encompass all standalone LED devices, whether surface-mount, chip-on-board (CoB), chip-scale package (CSP), or other technologies. Ultraviolet or infrared LEDs may be submitted into the packaged LED category. OLED devices and panels intended for incorporation into finished products should be submitted into this category.

Modular LED light engines consists of integrated assemblies of packaged LEDs or arrays of LEDs, an LED driver, and assorted optical, electrical, thermal, and mechanical components. LED projector assemblies may also be considered.

Devices responsible for providing and regulating power to LED components or fixtures. Devices may be internal or external, constant current or constant voltage drivers; AC LED drivers would be submitted in this category.

Enabling technologies encompasses components aside from the LED and associated electronics (microcontrollers, integrated circuits, LED drivers, etc.): optics, lenses, waveguides, lightguides, diffusers; optical materials; interconnect technologies for interfacing components, such as connectors, cabling, LED holders; thermal management materials and devices such as heatsinks, coolers, substrates; and any other materials such as bonding, encapsulation, assembly materials, etc.

This category includes all the electronic components designed as integrated circuit (IC) or microcontroller units (MCUs), driver ICs, color sensors, and other types of sensors that are integrated into an LED-based system.

“Tools” generally is our catch-all term for simulation, design, and test and measurement software but can also include online-available services such as apps that help with these tasks. “Tests” covers SSL test and measurement hardware/equipment, including spectrometers, integrating spheres, goniometers, luminance meters, and full metrology systems.

Any lamps for commercial or residential use will be appropriate for submission. This category will include products such as LED T8 lamps (tubes), PAR lamps, MR16 lamps, A-lamps, and so on. Smart and/or tunable lamp products should also be entered into this category.

Horticultural SSL products may span from packaged LEDs that deliver wavelengths specifically designed to support plant health and growing operations, to fixtures to full smart lighting systems that monitor and adjust light for programmed conditions.

Human-centric lighting, or lighting for health and wellbeing, describes a broad range of products and technologies from lighting that delivers a dynamic spectrum to support human circadian rhythms to SSL that is designed to meet demands for high light quality, low glare, and other standardized metrics (such as WELL Building standard) that certify outcomes for wellbeing in the built environment.
All LED fixtures and luminaires rated and intended for indoor application only, commercial or residential. Includes architectural and indoor decorative products (cove, accent, and others) as well as task lighting, ambient lighting, emergency lighting, etc.
All LED fixtures and luminaires rated and intended for outdoor application only. Includes exterior area and street lighting, exterior architectural lighting, landscape lighting, pedestrian-scale lighting, wall-washers, etc.
All LED fixtures and luminaires designed for use in harsh industrial conditions such as in warehouses, manufacturing plants, storage facilities, factories, and so on. Includes high-lumen-output or high-ceiling products such as high bays.
Modules, connectivity products, and other enablers for smart lighting, smart buildings, and smart cities. Can include software, modules, smart sensors, intelligent drivers, smart switches, and other enabling technologies that feature in a larger networked lighting installation. Can include both wired and wireless networking technologies.
Full-featured smart lighting management platforms that may connect and control a network of devices, and/or multiple building/city systems, and/or deliver applications such as indoor location/positioning services, asset tracking and control, dynamic lighting control systems, etc. Can include both wired and wireless networking technologies.
Includes all SSL products intended for applications aside from general illumination, horticultural lighting, and lighting for health and wellbeing. Applications can include automotive, medical, life sciences/research, and façade lighting.

UV LEDs and Systems may span from packaged LEDs to modular products to systems that deliver wavelengths specifically designed for applications such as germicidal disinfection, water purification, curing, and more and that advance the performance of UV SSL relative to legacy lamps.

Illumineer of the Year is the most prestigious award of the Sapphire Awards Event program and recognizes a person or small team responsible for significant innovation in the development of LEDs or other enabling components for solid-state lighting (SSL), or in the application of such LEDs or components in compelling lighting products and projects.